Demo Reel February 2013

This reel contains parts from my latest short film The Girl Who Destroyed The World as well as my past projects – Blackbirds, Running, 45 second presentation, Recycle and Bar! If you would like to see some pre-production work I have done for a short script I have written(will be produced later when I can … Continue reading


In this project, during school,  I thought of experimenting with cans. I collected cans from the recycle bins all over school for a week, washed them and then fabricated them in order to animate them. After the shooting all the cans used in the project were recycled. The main goal of the project was to … Continue reading

Without Permission

Without Permission is an animated project involving lip-sync and stop-motion animation. The goals of the class were to observe and fabricate characters, get a voice recording and to perform lip-sync animation. The duration of the project was 2 weeks.

Shot by Shot

Shot by shot was a project created in class involving cardboard cut-out animation. The main goal of the class was to animate everything outdoors. The duration for this project was 1 week. This became a test for my later project Bar!