Dancing is an experimental project I did in my compositing class. My goals were to experiment with lighting, movement and in-camera effects. After finishing shooting, I processed the footage in After Effects. This project was completed in December 2011. Advertisements

Black Guitar

Black Guitar was a compositing project I did in October 2011. The objective of the project was to shoot a photograph and to re-create that in 3D. I chose a guitar and a studio lighting set-up for the photograph. The next steps involved modeling, texturing, lighting in MAYA. Rendering was done in passes using Mental … Continue reading

Compositing Test 1

This was my first ever attempt at compositing. I was asked to shoot any photo outdoor, to shoot a photo of any small figurine and to composite the small figurine  by enlarging it and merging it with the background while matching the lighting. I chose this two-inch tall figurine of a character called Shanks and … Continue reading


Running was one of my first attempts at modeling, rigging and animating something in 3D. It was created in Maya and composited in After Effects. I wanted to use a 3D software but have the final output look like 2D. The project was finished in 2 weeks. It was completed in April 2011. Running was … Continue reading


Bar! is a short animated project made in February 2011. The duration of the project from starting to completion was 2 weeks. The goals of the projects were to shoot the whole thing outside of an animation lab and to perform cardboard cut-out animation. This short was selected for the local selection of the Very Short … Continue reading

Tisch Spotlight Unplugged

Tisch Spotlight Unplugged is another lip-sync stop-motion animation. This was done in collaboration with two other animators Isabel Torre and Maryellen Atkins. Being in film school, after interviewing and recording, we decided to make one of the lights talk and used the green screen. My main job roles in this were character fabrication, compositing and … Continue reading

Book Animation: 45 Second Presentation

This project was created on a book bought from a second-hand store. The main goals of this project were to animate traditionally on paper, created cycles and shooting the passes. Duration of the project was 1 week and it was completed in January 2011.


In this project, during school,  I thought of experimenting with cans. I collected cans from the recycle bins all over school for a week, washed them and then fabricated them in order to animate them. After the shooting all the cans used in the project were recycled. The main goal of the project was to … Continue reading


Duel was one of my first short animated projects. Duration of the project was 3 weeks. The main goals of the project was to experiment with different styles, mediums and types of animation. I tried to combine pixilation, cut-out, flash animation along with live-action. Duel was finished in December 2010.